Xero Business Connect: accounting's next revolution



Importing and exporting data and invoices into accounting software is not the most exciting task. Let's be honest. So Xero are working hard to help its users speed up their data entry process with Xero Business Connect.

The Business Connect ecosystem is still in its infancy stage with just a few businesses currently on board and in the pipeline. But as Xero grows, just image the time saving capacity this has for any sized business, especially as the connecting businesses grow. 

So how does it work?

Xero Business Connect enables invoices to be fed straight into Xero, or documentation and information to be automagically sent between Xero and big businesses that Xero small business customers transact with.

Key features that will help businesses save time include:

  • reduced data entry through automation
  • automatic reconciling
  • greater visibility of invoices
  • payments to the right account
  • documentation automatically arrived in Xero
  • Less paperwork
Talking on the subject, Managing Director of Xero Victoria Crone says “Xero Business Connect really is a seamless solution allowing critical business processes to be done with ease. We know time is a precious commodity for business owners and this enables customers to save time so they can focus on what really matters.”


Who is connected and how to get your accounts importing

Below we have listed who is currently up and running or in the pipeline to be connected to Xero Business Connect in New Zealand and useful links on information to get this up and running. If you are on Xero and have accounts with the below businesses, make it a priority to link this up today and make your life instantly easier. 

  1. Z Energy
  2. BizRewards
  3. Placemakers
  4. Meridian Energy
  5. Watercare Services Limited (scheduled before the end of 2015)
  6. Office Max (scheduled before the end of 2015)


Going forward

The potential for big businesses partnering with Xero in this way is exponential and the subsequent knock on beneficial effects for Xero users will only continue to increase. This kind of innovation and forward thinking by Xero is one of the many reasons why businesses are continuing to move to this software in drones.

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Engine Room has been partnering with Xero since it's inception and has seen the software continue to grow from strength to strength. The cohesive nature of Xero's aim to support, grow and help businesses realise their potential fits perfectly with Engine Room's mission to help businesses improve their performance and realise their potential. By doing this we can support local families, communities and the national economy to continue to make New Zealand a great place to work and live. Xero's online platform allows us to seamlessly collaborate directly with business owners and their financial staff and work in real time to manage and support the financial health of a business.

If you are not yet on Xero or considering making the move, try before you buy and sign up for a free trial to see just how easy this accounting software is.

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