Engine Room App of the Week: SmartPayroll


What is SmartPayroll? Simply put, SmartPayroll is a New Zealand-based company that makes it easier for you to pay your team.

SmartPayroll makes it simple to pay employees and contractors and send reports to the IRD. It is used by over 15,000 businesses across New Zealand and Australia and it integrates seamlessly with Xero.

SmartPayroll Built for SME Success

At SmartPayroll they understand that small to medium businesses are integral to the New Zealand economy. They understand the challenges that businesses face — they know that success isn't easy.

SmartPayroll is built to support small business success by helping you grow and remain compliant. They're ready, willing and able to help out.

SmartPayroll Features

SmartPayroll has a host of features that are specifically designed to make processing your payroll easier. These features include:

1.One Touch Pay

At the click of a button all calculations are done, your employees are paid and PAYE and Kiwisaver are paid plus all reports are filed with the IRD, so you don’t have to remember a thing — there's no faster or easier way to do payroll in NZ!

SmartPayroll collects the PAYE from you with each pay run and remits it to the IRD on time so you never miss a due date.

2. New Zealand's 1st Payroll App

You can run your payroll anywhere directly from your phone and your employees can submit their timesheets and view all their payroll info from the employee app.

3. Cloud Based & Rock Solid Security

All the benefits of 24/7 anywhere-access on any device with automatic updates taken care of for you, plus NZ’s largest IT company, Datacom, taking care of all the backups in data centres across NZ and in Australia for your ultimate data security peace of mind.

4. Free Resources, Guides & Events

Invitations to SmartPayroll's free events throughout the year that are designed to inspire you and help you to manage and grow your business with guest speakers and hundreds of downloadable guides to help you in everything you could imagine in your business.

6. Great Customer Service

SmartPayroll also pride themselves on their excellent customer service. Expert help from real Kiwis is only a phone call away.

SmartPayroll also features built-in help which can walk you through any problem using the software.

SmartPayroll's Mission

"To help 100,000 small and medium business employers across New Zealand and Australia so they never have to worry about Payroll and HR stress and hassles ever again!

A lot more small business owners across New Zealand and Australia are going to be one step closer to business success and freedom, with more money and more time, and that folks is really, really cool and we need your help to think bigger and be more successful.

By achieving that we reckon a whole heap of small business owners are going to be one step closer to business success and that means one step closer to achieving a better quality of life!"— Phil Richards, SmartPayroll Founder


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