Sharesight — Portfolio Tracking & Reporting


What is Sharesight? Sharesight is a cloud investment portfolio and reporting tool. Sharesight is designed for anyone that owns investments and wants to understand how those investments are performing.

If you don’t receive regular reports on how your portfolio is performing this is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse.

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How Does Sharesight Work?

Sharesight calculates the performance of your wider portfolio and individual shares across any time period — automatically.  The system automatically records dividends and earnings, converts it all in to your local currency.

By displaying all dividends, capital gains, and currency fluctuations in dollars and annualised percentages, Sharesight provides you with key data and insights in a clear and concise way.  

Sharesight Benefits

Sharesight features a number of different tools which allows you to view your portfolio's performance in different ways. For example, with Sharesight you can use one of the many graphing features such as the value graph, growth graph or Sharesight's sophisticated performance index chart to present key data.  

Sharesight also provides different options for grouping your holdings which includes grouping them by country, market, industry type and classification. Alternatively, you can create a custom grouping and group holdings based on allocations of your choosing. 

Here are some of the key benefits of using Sharesight: 

1. No More Spreadsheets 

Sharesight makes keeping track of investment simple and hassle-free. Want automatic holding updates, with comprehensive tax and performance reporting, wrapped up in an easy-to-use, fully online system? That’s Sharesight in a nutshell. 

2. Portfolio Benchmarking  

One of Sharesight's most popular features is the ability to benchmark your portfolio against any ETF, "If you want to track the performance of your portfolio against the ASX200 index, selecting an ETF that is modelled on that index will help you determine the relative performance of your portfolio during that time period." 

3. Track Your Dividends 

Sharesight allows you to import your trading history which means you can sit back and watch as dividends, DRPs and share splits are incorporated automatically.  

4. Know Your Performance 

Sharesight helps you to understand exactly how your investments are performing thanks to daily price and currency updates, powerful reports, and optional email alerts.  

5. Save Time & Money 

Sharesight allows you to share access to your portfolio and tax reports with your accountant (like Engine Room) in a few clicks. This feature saves you time and money during tax time. 

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6. Diversity Reporting  

Diversification is an effective way to manage risk and return and allows you to align your portfolio with the level of risk you would be comfortable with. 
Examine your portfolio across sector and industry classification, market, country, custom groupings, and investment type. 

Track the true performance of your investments accurately and clearly with Sharesight. All users (including those on the free plan) have access to Sharesight's performance, dividend tax, securities, and historical cost reports.  


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