Ird scams - the latest version

If the number of emails sent are anything to go by, emails from the IRD advising of a refund must be reasonably successful for scammers .

We have recently had a couple of customers targeted by the latest phishing scam.   There are always a couple of things you should look for you get one of these emails:

  • the IRD emails always come from   The sender is never some random email address like ""
  • The IRD also don't ask for your credit or debit card.
  • The IRD wont provide a link - they will request that you log in to MyIR to provide updated information.

Credit card payments for tax owing to the IRD are made securely by logging in to MyIR. 

Likewise if you are expecting a refund the IRD will pay it automatically if they have your bank account.  You can advise them of your bank account by logging in to MyIR.

Never click on the link provided in an email... it is the slippery slope to ongoing fraud.

If you are unsure please check in with us and we can check your tax refund status through our system.

We also recommend that you implement two-factor authentication on your email and other software.  This extra level of protection just makes it more difficult for you email to be hacked.