Product Improvements from Unleashed Inventory Tracking

Unleashed is one of our favourite inventory tracking solutions in the Xero ecosystem.  They have released some big upgrades already this year that make managing your stock in the cloud a breeze.

 The latest releases include Supplier Price Books. This is great if you purchase the same stock from multiple suppliers as you can store the price from each supplier.  You can then use this information to compare prices, landing costs and lead times for each supplier.   Find out more here.

The new Disassembly feature is great for businesses that purchase in bulk, repack or sell in smaller modules. It is also useful where customers are returning products sold as an assembled item or kit.

Keeping control of your inventory has been made easier with the new stock count updates.  You can filter your stock counts by supplier, warehouse locations, product range, group and more. Inventory tracking has never been easier and you don't need to do a full annual stock take at year end.

Serial and Batch Number Tracking means you always know where your products are from purchase to sale.  Serial numbers can be used in manufacturing or assemblies for both components and finished goods.

The Iphone Sales App mean you can access your inventory levels on the go, check sale prices and email sales orders without having to return to the office. Speed up your sales and delivery processes from start to end.

*Note - these updates are not available on all plans, please contact us if you would like to know more.


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