Chart of Accounts & Account Codes

Chart of Accounts

What is aChart of Accounts? A chart of accounts (often abbreviated to COA) is an organisational tool that lists every financial account in an accounting system.

A COA helps you to organise transactions correctly and allows you to generate reports to assist you in running your business better.

One of the most important functions of a chart of accounts is to separate revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities so that the company's financial health can be easily understood.

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How is a Chart of Accounts Organised?

A COA contains the name of the account along with a brief description and an identification code. The identification code (or numbering system) is used by companies that use a computerised or cloud-based system. The numbering system can vary depending on the size of the company and whether or not the business has subsidiaries. Numbering systems range from 3-digit codes for small businesses to 7-digit codes for larger companies.
If you operate a small business in Tauranga or Auckland then the 3-digit numbering system will most likely be adequate.

Account Code Numbering System

The account code structure and numbering system aims to organise the general ledger by grouping similar accounts together in ranges. For ease of use, these groupings follow the accounts used in a typical balance sheet layout.

Small business 3-digit account code example:

Account Code
Revenue 200 – 299
Expenses 300 - 499
Assets 600 – 799
Liabilities 800 – 899
Equity 900 – 999

The general format of the 3-digit COA numbering system is XXX. In the example above, expenses has been allocated the range 300 - 499, so for example the wages expense might be given the code 475.

The 3-digit chart of accounts numbering system allows for up to 999 (0-999) separate general ledger accounts.

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