Changes to Xero

Changes to Xero

Xero — What you Need to Know About the Navigation Changes From the end of November, Xero will be easier to find the tools and information you use the most! The new changes will make sense to everyone, from professional bookkeepers to small business owners and those new to Xero.

Why the Changes?

Xero has always aimed to be easy to use so they regularly review the way they do things. In their latest review they found that there was room for improvement with the navigation layout.

"After reviewing the current navigation with bookkeepers, accountants, business users and those new to Xero, we identified some challenges. We’ve always aimed for Xero to be friendly and easy to use but our research showed us there was room for improvement. Some of the key issues were that the navigation wasn’t organised in a logical way for users, took too long to move through, and included too much accounting jargon."

Xero wants to improve the overall experience and make it simpler and faster for users to find the tools they use most often.

What is Changing & When?

The changes to Xero will take place at the end of November. These changes will be automatic when you log in to Xero – you don’t need to do anything.

If you can't wait to see the new changes you can log in to Xero and click on the My Xero tab and then try the Demo Company. If the Demo Company doesn't appear you can search for it in the searchbar.

The Demo company is always a great place to do some testing if you aren’t sure how something will work or look — the data resets itself every 30 days and only you can see what you do in your Demo Company.

According to Xero, the biggest changes will include new intuitive labels that group similar tools together:

The Business menu holds the tools that you use most often, like bills, invoicing and expenses.
If you’re looking for 'Inventory', it’s now called ‘Products and services’ to better describe the information that people record here.

The Accounting menu leads to the items that your accountant or bookkeeper uses most often, including bank accounts, reports and advanced tools.

Organisation menu
The top left of the navigation bar houses your organisation menu. If you have access to more than one organisation, you can switch between them and find them with an easy search.

Your business settings are now in this menu, so go there if you want to change things like users, your logo or invoice and email settings.

If you use Files, they’re now under the organisation menu as well.

Don't Worry, Your 'Favourites' Are Going Nowhere

You’ll now find that most Favourites sit under the Accounting menu. Certain items that you or your accountant 'favourited' previously are now accessible from Settings within the organisation menu.

If you haven’t 'favourited' a task or tool before, it’s a great way to customise Xero and get to what you need fast.

To create a favourite, just click a star on a report, or on a tool or setting within Advanced accounting in the Accounting menu, and that item will appear in your Favourites.

Watch out for our December blog on tips and tricks when using the new Navigation and some tried and true shortcuts.

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