Engine Room App of the Week WorkflowMax

App of the Week WorkflowMax

What is WorkflowMax? WorkflowMax is a Xero-owned project management solution that helpsbusinesses track and report on their profitability. WorkflowMax now has over 10,000 subscribers around the world.

“In a nutshell we help businesses become more efficient and make more money on each project. We love what we do and we are super excited about the future.” Leanne Campbell, WorkflowMax General Manager

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WorkflowMax & Xero

WorkflowMax seamlessly integrates with Xero. As a Xero-owned app, all the data that is entered into WorkflowMax appears within Xero.

WorkflowMax and Xero combine to make a powerful business solution that can maximise your business performance.

WorkflowMax and Xero integration features:

1. Push sales invoices to Xero. When a sales invoice is created in WorkflowMax that data is able to be pushed through to Xero.

2. Get payment confirmation in WorkflowMax. Payments made in Xero are automatically synced with the appropriate invoice in WorkflowMax which gives you accurate profitability data for each job you complete.

3. Send purchase invoices. Receipt supplier invoices in WorkflowMax are automatically pushed through to Xero to await payment. You don't need to do a thing.

4. View net profitability. As soon as a an invoice is paid in Xero it is automatically updated in WorkflowMax.

Integrated Lead Management

WorkflowMax is also a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which allows you to track leads, proposals and view your sales pipeline — all in one place.

WorkflowMax lead management features:

1. Track staff performance with WorkflowMax. Add lead activities to certain members of your sales team and ensure each task is marked as complete once finalised. You can also easily see which sales members are bringing in the most business.

2. View leads by category. With WorkflowMax you are able to categorise leads and visually get an overview of the lead status.

3. View won leads. Track your business from month-to-month and see the results that matter.

4. Store vital lead information in one place. View lead activity, correspondents and whether or not that leads needs to be passed on to another member of your sales team.


“We were forgetting to follow-up, losing phone numbers etc. … now we get back to a lead within a week. It is just brilliant!”

 Nick Stilwell, Senior & Founding Partner, Stillwell Engineering.


Want to know more about WorkflowMax and how it can streamline your processes? Contact us here at Engine Room Chartered Accountants, we're happy to help!


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