2 Recent Feature Releases from Xero you need to know about

Xero have done it again; making our lives just that little bit easier and safer with two new feature releases this week 'Search' and 'Two Step Authentication'. Check out these features with below with Xero's quick and simple training videos and links to related blogs for more information. 


Xero's Overview

"Think of Search as your new command center. Find transactions or contact information as you type. Use shortcuts to access frequently visited screens, such as All Contacts and All Invoices. Or instantly add a new contact or transaction."

Keyboard Shortcuts for 'Search' feature

Keen to give it a try? Log into Xero and try out the below keyboard shortcuts. Use the backslash button '/' to open search, and then type the letter of the page you would like to open. You will see this page name appear first in the search options.


To read Xero's release blog on 'Search' click here.


Two Step Authentication

Xero's Overview

"Two-Step Authentication verifies the identity of a customer logging into the Xero dashboard by requiring them to use their existing password and a second, unique code randomly generated by the Google Authenticator app on their smartphone, each time they log in. Based on security best practice, Two-Step Authentication means only the Xero user with access to that trusted device will be able to log in, making it more difficult for unauthorised people to access their data."


To read Xero's release blog on 'Two Step Authentication' click here.

Find out more about Two Step Authentication in Xero's Help Centre.

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