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Business Basics: Assets

What Are Business Assets? Business assets are the items that the business owns or

GST: 6 Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

GST (goods and services tax) can be tricky to come to terms with for those that don't deal

Business Basics: Partnerships

What is a Partnership? Being in a partnership means that you and at least one

Xero Expenses Launch

In a few short days the all new Xero Expenses will be launching, making it simpler to

What to Do When You Receive an Unexpected Tax Bill

If you're like the majority of business owning New Zealanders, the painful process of filing

Business Basics: Limited Liability Company

Many business owners choose to start business as a limited liability company. Today's blog explains why.

Business Basics: Sole Trader

Going in to business can be a leap of faith – but getting it right from the beginning is important.

What to Do When You are Late Filing with the IRD

Due to the intricacies of life, things such as replacing the milk in the fridge that’s past its sell-by date,

Business Basics: ACC

ACC covers you for work and non-work-related injuries. Here's what you need to know.

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