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22-May-2017 Engine Room

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Is your website mobile friendly?

New Zealanders have always been heavy adopters when it comes to using the internet. 2014 Statistics shows over 90% of the New Zealand population have access to and use the internet. And more recent studies have shown there are now more mobile devices than people in New Zealand, with over 70% of the mobile phones in use able to connect to the web.

19-May-2017 Xero

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Get paid faster by adding payment services to your Xero

Nobody likes to get paid late. Chasing after customers for payments can feel awkward and takes time that you could be spending on other things. Plus, late payments have a negative impact on your cash flow.

17-May-2017 Engine Room

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In Business Cash is King

Most businesses that fail in the first five years do so because they run out of cash! 

Often still profitable, the business owner has usually lost sight of the important principal that “cash is king”, instead adhering to the principal that growth is good.

15-May-2017 Engine Room

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How to Buy a Business - [Free Business Guide Excerpt]

Buying a business is an exciting concept, but a process not to be taken lightly. It should be approached with due care and consideration, and will require time and input from a range of resources.

12-May-2017 Engine Room

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5 key websites for learning business development skills for free

The internet provides business owners and entrepreneurs with an amazing opportunity to access all kinds of knowledge and courses to develop all areas of their business skills. 

The problem business owners and entrepreneurs face when looking for useful information is this:

10-May-2017 Engine Room

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Safeguard your Wi-Fi

Safeguarding your network is a business priority. But as most of us are neither rocket scientists nor hackers, it’s hard to keep up with the constant turnover of computer security innovations.

08-May-2017 Engine Room

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Great team: great business

That age old saying, ‘family first’, can also be true in the workplace. Your employees, your team, are much like a family unit, and without them you don’t really have a business.

05-May-2017 Engine Room

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Xero for Business Owners [Seminar - May 23 & 30]

Are you using Xero, but aren't sure if you're getting the most out of this beautiful accounting software? Would you like to feel more confident when making business decisions, and know where to find the numbers to back them up? Then be sure to book into our new Engine Room seminar, Xero for Business Owners, being held at our Tauranga office on May 23rd, and Pukekohe on May 30th.

03-May-2017 Engine Room

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Why you should hire a business coach

Running a business is not an easy job. Whether you are in business by yourself, a partnership, or you manage a team in a large corporation, there will always be challenges and obstacles to overcome. And there are always ways to overcome these obstacles and come out the other side more successful. Hiring a business coach is the best way to help your business through challenging times, and then take it to the next level of success.