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Business Basics: GST

Like all taxes, understanding Goods and Services Tax (more commonly known as GST) can be  

Payday Filing Is Here

The IRD has introduced a new way for businesses to file their PAYE called payday filing.

02-May-2018 EngineRoom

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Alert: GST Filing Issues

We have just been made aware of an issues with the filing of GST returns from your accounting software to My IR.

Business Basics: Income Tax

Income tax is a tax levied directly on personal and business income to ensure those who are generating an income 

Seven Tips to Mining Gold within your Customer Base

Did you realise that every small business is sitting on a gold nugget that is often neglected by owners?

Business Basics: Payroll and PAYE

Starting your own business and looking to take on Employees? Check out our guide

Business Basics: Tax Codes

What's all the fuss about getting tax codes right? 

Tax Obligations When Selling Investment Properties: What You Need To Consider

Over the last 15 years there have been several changes that affect your tax obligations and can be traps for investment property owners when it is time to sell. 

09-Apr-2018 IRD

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Cryptocurrency investors reminded of their tax obligations

Cryptocurrencies are treated like property for tax purposes in new Inland Revenue guidance published recently.

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