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23-Jun-2017 Engine Room

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Government grants: Avoid scams & get free advice

Every year the government invests millions into businesses through grants and incentives. But bogus grant-finders also offer to help small businesses secure this money — for a fee.

21-Jun-2017 Engine Room

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The Accounting Income Method

Many business owners find calculating and paying provisional tax one of the most difficult areas of compliance. So any opportunity to simplify this has to be welcome.

19-Jun-2017 Engine Room

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Upcoming Engine Room Seminars

Here at the Engine Room, we run various seminars to help you better understand and run your business. Held at our offices in Pukekohe and Tauranga, here are the upcoming seminars you need to know about:

16-Jun-2017 Xero

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10 tips to help prevent employee theft

There are many reasons why the books for a small business might not balance. Usually these are mundane – common errors in posting transactions. Unfortunately, there are also reasons that may be painful to examine, but more dangerous to ignore: employee theft of cash, inventory or business supplies.

12-Jun-2017 Engine Room

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How to overcome the post purchase blues - [Free Business Guide Excerpt]

You've got that loving sinking feeling

Post purchase dissonance (as it is officially called), sounds terribly scientific, but really it’s just a fancy marketing term for the doubt and regret customers can feel after they purchase a product or service. At the Engine Room, we call it the “post-purchase blues”.

09-Jun-2017 Engine Room

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Product Update: Skippr

The team at cash flow management tool Skippr have been hard at work lately testing and developing new features, following feedback from its users.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle - Where does your technology go?

Do you ever wonder where your old technology goes?

05-Jun-2017 Xero

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The importance of two-step authentication

Large corporations get most of the publicity when it comes to cybercrime and hacking. But cyber criminals are also targeting small businesses. Security industry research shows that over 40% of cyber attacks last year targeted small businesses and this is increasing. That’s why Two-Step Authentication is an important online security measure you need to take.

02-Jun-2017 Engine Room

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What the 2017 Budget means for you and your business

Overall the 2017 budget does deliver some great spending on infrastructure, innovation and the core public sector areas with some nice little tax cuts snuck in as changes to the tax brackets.